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Aloha Trees album cover

"Aloha/Irish Trees" is a collection of new and old poems by Eileen Myles, many of which have never been featured in her previous print collections and all of which have never been featured on a vinyl record. Recorded live, it encapsulates an experience that every poet is familiar with—an occasional linguistic flub can be heard now and then, as can the sound of the poet clearing her throat, taking a sip of water. “Fuck, this is so hard” is uttered on the first track of Side A. The final sentence heard on the last track of Side B is “I’m gonna catch up, I have to pee.” Listening to "Aloha/Irish Trees" is listening to Eileen Myles read her work live, an aural experience easy to hear, hard to escape.

Recorded at Disembodied Poetics/Naropa University in the Summer of 2015 and engineered and mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion in Portland, Oregon in the Fall of 2015.

Purchase of "Aloha/Irish Trees" includes a 11×11 insert of Myles’ “Sorry,” as well as a download card for the entire album. The record itself is not black but clear.

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Chelsea Girls

published by Tantor Media, now on Audio CD, MP3-CD, and Audio download from

Chelsea Girls audio CD cover

Chelsea Girls is the groundbreaking and candid coming-of-age novel in real time from one of America's most celebrated poets, Eileen Myles, that is considered a cult classic.

Available as an audio-CD, an MP3-CD, and downloadable from

Purchase from Audible (link above), or from Tantor Media.


Alice (Notley) in Paris, at Arlette in Oakland, Symposium on the Work of Alice Notley, 2014 PDF

Poetry In The 80s PDF


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Michelle Tea, Eileen Myles, and Jill Soloway In Conversation

Michelle Tea, Eileen Myles, and Jill Soloway talk literature, pop culture, making it in Hollywood, and more. Hilarity ensues.

"In conjunction with "Bound to be Held: A Book Show," all authors have contributed books to "Read by Famous." Introduced by Josh Greene and moderated by Matt Sussman. Recorded on May 7, 2015.

Sun Ra's version of "Smile" sung by June Tyson (4:25) MP3

Two songs recorded w Japanther for "Rock 'N' Roll Ice Cream" (2009)
L.A.URA Mystery (1:18): MP3
Get Me Home (3:01): M4A

Close Listening with Charles Bernstein, March 24, 2009
Art International Radio

Program One: Reading (26:08): MP3

from The Irony of the Leash (1978)
1. Evening (0:47): MP3

from Not Me (1991)
2. A Poem (3:06): MP3
3. At Last (1:45): MP3
4. And Then the Weather Arrives (1:02): MP3
5. Autumn in New York (0:24): MP3

from Maxfield Parrish (1995)
6. Looking Out, A Sailor (2:59): MP3

from School of Fish (1997)
7. School of Fish (1:36): MP3
8. Merk (2:50): MP3

from Skies (2001)
9. My Wife is Shopping (0:32): MP3
10. Writing (0:21): MP3
11. Mount St. Helen's (0:42): MP3
12. "I don't know" (0:11): MP3
13. My Hat (0:28): MP3
14. Weather (0:26): MP3

from Sorry, Tree (2007)
15. For Jordana (0:37): MP3
16. Each Defeat (1:04): MP3
17. Unnamed New York (0:55): MP3
18. San Diego Poem (0:42): MP3
19. To Hell (2:20): MP3
20. Transitions (1:34): MP3
21. Pencil Poem #2 (0:14): MP3

Program Two: Our conversation (27:33): MP3

from State of the Union: a Poetry Reading, at the CUNY Graduate Center, October 30, 2008
complete reading (7:05): MP3

"Iceland Song," 2008
complete video (3:29, 214MB): AVI

Appearing on LA-Lit #28, November 4, 2007
Part A (43:34): MP3
Part B (47:40): MP3

Segue Series reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, New York, May 19, 2007
1. introduction (3:50): MP3
2. Myles' introduction (2:23): MP3
3. For Jordana (0:40): MP3
4. Myles discusses "Lodovico" (1:01): MP3
5. Lodovico (2:25): MP3
6. April 5th (1:04): MP3
7. Home (1:47): MP3
8. Culture (4:14): MP3
9. That Country (1:40): MP3
10. Cigarette Girl (0:40): MP3
11. Movie (0:18): MP3
12 (untitled) (0:09): MP3
13. Myles discusses "The Inferno" (5:29): MP3
14. The Inferno (8:03): MP3

complete reading (35:15): MP3

Segue Series Reading at the Ear Inn, January 17, 1998
Complete Recording (27:54): MP3

From Kenning:
Fragment from Cool For You (3:54): MP3

(Cool For You is published by Soft Skull Press)

From Frequency Audio Journal:
Orleans (1:27): MP3

Segue Series Reading at the Ear Inn October 1978 (Exact Date Unknown)
Complete Reading (26:18): MP3

Various Recordings, 1977-present
1. Maxfield Parrish from Maxfield Parrish (2:06): MP3
2. En Garde from Maxfield Parrish (1:26): MP3
3. Vulcan from Cool for You (3:54): MP3
4. Poison Ivy from Cool for You (4:53): MP3
5. Aunt Anne from Cool for You (5:12): MP3
6. American Poem from Not Me (3:43): MP3
7. MERK from School of Fish (3:15): MP3
8. Classical Gas (from The World Record) (0:46):MP3
9. Tuesday Brightness (0:51): MP3
10. Sleepless (2:09): MP3
11. On the Death of Robert Lowell (0:31): MP3


Eileen Myles on Alice Notley at Alette in Oakland: A Symposium on the Work of Alice Notley, 2014

Eileen Myles at the 25th Chicago Humanities Festival, 2014

Myself (Pornography) Gallery 400 Lecture

Eileen Myles Animated from Rattapallax on Vimeo.

This Red Door presents: "Six Non Lectures" with Eileen Myles from Jomar Statkun on Vimeo.

Eileen Myles reads an excerpt from INFERNO (a poet's novel) from Rattapallax on Vimeo.